Everbridge and Seasider Guardian App

Everbridge Alert
  • To receive emergency alerts from BYU-Hawaii's mass notification system, please sign up by following these instructions:
       - Step 1: Login to Student Center on
       - Step 2: Click on Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Phone Numbers
       - Step 3: Click on 'Add A Phone Number'

       - Step 4: Select Phone Type: 'Campus Alert' from the drop-down list
       - Step 5: 
    Enter or update your Campus Emergency Alert Phone then click on 'SAVE'
Seasider Guardian App
App features
  • Trusted Guardians (security) are given permission to watch over user.
  • Safety Timer allows Guardians (security) to monitor user's status and location and be notified in the event the timer expires.
  • Anonymous Location based tips and multi-media messaging.
  • Emergency call delivers safety profile to security officers.
  • Download the App
       - Step 1: Search for the "Rave Guardian" in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.
       - Step 2: Download/Install the App "Rave Guardian" Rave Mobile Safety.
       - Step 3: Open the App, it will prompt you to turn on location services and notifications for your phone and accept all push notifications. Select ALLOW for each of these notifications.
       - Step 4: Select "I need an account".
       - Step 5: Sign up with your BYU-H email address (this will be your username).
       - Step 6: Choose and confirm a password.
       - Step 7: Enter the Requested Identity and Security Information. (*Recommend using your BYU-H email account)
       - Step 8: Confirm your account via text message and your school affiliation via email. A confirmation code will be sent to your phone via text message, enter the code into the Guardian App. Open and confirm the email sent to your email account.

  • Note: You are asked to create a password and 4 digit PIN. Remember the PIN as you will need it to activate and deactivate your safety timer. The more information you add, the more information the BYU-H Security and Safety will have if you ever need to use the emergency features of the app.